What to Wear to a Birthday Party

What to Wear to a Birthday Party
What to Wear to a Birthday Party
What to Wear to a Birthday Party

Trying to find what to wear can be stressful no matter if you are male or female. It can be difficult to decide what to wear to a birthday party, but there are some things you can do to make sure you are fit for the occasion. Plus, we share some back up ideas just in case you need to make a last-minute change. Let’s get started on some of those ideas!

What If I Wear the Wrong Thing?

One of the most common questions is, “What if I wear the wrong thing to the party?” While this anxiety can be nail-biting, rest assured that finding a great outfit for a birthday party is actually fairly simple. Nervousness about wearing the right thing is often unnecessary because birthday parties are often causal, making dressing up for them pretty easy.

Everyone is different, so do not try to change who you are to fit in with the party. While it is important to wear the appropriate attire, you can still dress like yourself. For men, you may not be a suit type of person, but a collared shirt should suffice for classy restaurants. A woman may not be a high heel type of person, but cute sandals can work just as well.

Consider the When and Where

Altitude Trampoline Park, which hosts birthday parties in Fayetteville, notes that one of the most important factors in deciding what to wear is considering where the party is going to be held. If the party is going to be at a park, then wear what you normally would to a park (excluding workout attire). Also, considering where the party will be will help determine if makeup should be worn or not.

If the environment is going to be a sit-down classy restaurant, then ladies in a dress and gentlemen in a suit would be suitable, but if the location is more casual then a cute but simple outfit will work. Where the party is will help determine what is appropriate.

The time of day that the party is taking place also plays an important role in what to wear. It can get cool at night, so a coat or evening shawl may be important to have on hand. However, if the party is in the middle of the day, a hat may be needed with some sunscreen.

Choose Jewelry Based on the Time and Place

If the party is meant to last a while, then heavy earrings may not be something that should be worn because they can hurt the ears over long periods of wear. Choose jewelry that blends in with the outfit. Remember it is the birthday guy or girl’s party and they will be the ones to shine. So some simple yet matching jewelry will add for a perfect touch.

This YouTube video can help with ideas on how to mix and match up jewelry for different occasions.

Consider Wearing Layers

One way to dress for a party is to wear layers. If the party is more casual than you thought, then a man can wear a suit jacket with a casual t-shirt underneath. Once arriving at the party, the suit jacket can be removed. This leaves you prepared either way. Layers come in very handy.

For a woman, a dress can be picked out for a casual or classier event. Just a change in the shoes can change how a dress looks on a woman dramatically. Carry sandals if the party is more casual, or have a nicer set of shoes in the car for back up.

Wear Your Hair Neutral

By wearing your hair in a cute and stylish look, you can fit a lot of different occasions. As long as the hairstyle is not extravagant for a prom or a ball look, it can be versatile. Wear a hairstyle that fits you but is also a cross between causal and classy. For the most part, as long as there is not a tiara in your hair, you will be fine.

More importantly, wear your hair in a way that will keep you comfortable. No one likes being at a place for hours where it is hot and their hair is sticking to the back of their neck.

InStyle has some hairstyle ideas for you to choose from. Pick a hairstyle that will be comfortable for you.

Wear a Smile and Confidence

Wear what you have in the closet. Do not go overboard by purchasing new outfits and going over your budget. Wear what you have. Birthday parties are often casual. Dress in something that fits and flatters who you. Take a deep breath, go through the closet and out on something that will make you feel confident no matter what environment you are in.