How Do Movers Pack Clothes?

How Do Movers Pack Clothes?
How Do Movers Pack Clothes?
How Do Movers Pack Clothes?

Moving can be such a big task. There is a lot of stuff that goes into a home. Movers pack a lot of things up for you and make the job much easier. This allows you to focus on other things during a move and they really take the weight off your shoulders, literally. Here is how movers pack clothes and other household items.

Will Things Be Packed Quickly?

It is a common misconception that movers will take as long as the owner to pack the items that need to be moved. While it may take some time, the process is often much faster. As We Like To Move It, Move It!!, a company of Lynnwood movers, explains, there are several reasons why the process is much faster than packing all of your items yourself.

  • Movers Are Not Sentimental: A lot of times when people are moving, they like to go through their things and think back on memories. This can certainly slow down the moving process. While this is natural behavior, the movers have no memories connected to the items. The process of packing goes much faster when you are not remembering things connected to the items.
  • They Do Not Sort Items: While some sorting is done in the process of moving, not all of it will be done. Movers will not sort through items and determine whether they are garbage or not. This will only slow the process, and by them not doing this, it prevents any personal and sentimental items from possibly being thrown away.
  • There Are Several People: It will not just be you and whoever you choose packing. Movers will have a crew of people come in and pack everything all at once. This takes a lot of work off the hands of someone trying to move. It makes the job a lot less stressful and everything will be moved all at once.
  • They Have Done This Before: This is their profession. Movers can pack things way faster and get the job done because they do this task on a daily basis. A mover that is good at their job will be efficient.

You can read more information on how movers pack items efficiently at Unpakt.

How Are the Items Packed?

Everything will be packed in boxes for the most part. Of course, items like tables, beds, appliances, etc., will not be packed in a box. However, those items will be wrapped up and protected from getting bangs and scratches. Protecting these items is important to you and this makes it a priority to movers too. While obvious trash will not be packed, all other items will be stored in boxes appropriately.

What About Clothes?

Clothes will be packed in boxes. They shouldn’t just be thrown into a box, but rather a quick fold over and stacked nice and tightly will be more of what happens. The clothes will be packed away and ready to move in no time. The clothes will not be tossed and just crammed in, they will be laid in the box. However, they will not be sorted out unless otherwise instructed.

To separate items out such a pants in one box and shirts in another, you will need to speak with the moving company. Some moving companies will not have this in place. It is important to ask questions to know exactly what you service you will be receiving per the particular company.

You can find more information about packing and moving clothing in this YouTube video.

Will Anything Get Left Behind?

As a rule, whenever you are moving a full sweep of the house should be done once everything is out. Three full sweeps are in fact preferred. Things get lost in a move all the time. The movers will move furniture and boxes and they will pack everything, but it will be your responsibility to do a final check and ensure that everything was moved from the house.

Labels Make Things Easier

One way to make a move much simpler is by labeling all of the boxes. When the moving company arrives with everything you can then take the boxes to the appropriate rooms. This will make the unpacking process much easier. All of the bathroom items can be labeled for the bathroom, the kitchen can be labeled as such, and the list goes on according to each room.

Moving is difficult and it is a very large task. Movers can come in and pack up items and make things much easier so that you can focus on your move. Having things ready to be packed can help the movers in the process of packing.

If there is a certain way that you want things packed, feel free to communicate with the moving company to see if they can assist with your needs.