Can Chipmunks Damage House Foundation? What About Groundhogs?



The foundation of a building is one of the most important parts of a building.  Every building must have a strong and solid foundation, which can stand against harm and potential collapse of the building. And so, after you might have invested in having a well-laid foundation, there are still threats you should watch out for. Total Foundation Repair San Antonio

Many property owners pay little attention to the condition of the building’s foundation, and this is understandable, since the foundation lies deep under the ground and isn’t visible. However, the presence of pests poses a threat to the condition of a building’s foundation, according to Total Foundation Repair San Antonio (, who conducts foundation repair in San Antonio.


Chipmunks can pose a threat to your foundation

To most people, chipmunks are those cute little creatures that hop in trees and eat nuts and are basically harmless. Well, they might be cute from a distance, but in the wrong place, they can pose some danger to your property.

Basically, chipmunks are squirrel-like creatures commonly found in many states in the US. They live in well vegetated areas; around bushes, in trees and in dug-out holes. They eat just about any edible thing they can find.

They do not bite, but they are known to be active burrowers. The burrowing of chipmunks is identified as their most damaging trait, because they can create extensive, complex tunnels and openings where you least expect them.

Thus, chipmunks have been known to burrow beneath the ground and venture towards houses and buildings in search of better food and shelter, or just for the sake of it.

Chipmunks have the ability to dig many and fairly large holes beneath a building’s foundation, making homes in it. This can go on for a long period of time, and a lot of damage can be done while you’re unaware. However, extensive damage happens only when the foundation has been invaded by a large number of the pests.


A large number of chipmunks around your property requires attention

Therefore, one chipmunk might not do so much damage, but when there are a lot of them, then you might have something to worry about. The reality however is that once you notice one chipmunk hopping around or worse still, burrowing close to your building, then it means there would be a few others close by.

Chipmunks are communal creatures and they breed incredibly fast. So you might need to closely check what those little things have been up to around your foundation.

Of course, they are also incredibly fast, and thus chasing them when you find them would be ridiculous. Rather, it would be advisable to look out for their holes and try to understand how far they have burrowed. They can damage your foundation by creating holes at the base of a building which would then collect water or expand over time, thereby weakening the building dangerously.


What about Groundhogs?

Just like chipmunks, groundhogs are another seemingly harmless, fat little creatures you find around your gardens. With their funny little teeth, they can also do some harmful burrowing. These can do some damage to not only your landscaping, but also damage strong building foundations. They can dig up many holes, up to five feet beneath a building and rupture the foundation greatly if they go unnoticed for a long time.

Groundhogs are especially known to burrow under existing structures, and their damages are usually quite expensive and difficult to repair. They are mostly a cause for worry around farm houses or well-vegetated areas.

These creatures also thrive where they are mostly permitted. That is, when they sense no threat to their activities, they naturally venture closer. Also, if you have piles and bush shrubs around your home, they might conveniently create holes around there, and come out when they feel safer.


Look out for pests and their activities around your building

Once you know these, you should be on the lookout for the activities of these seemingly harmless pests around your home. The damage done by chipmunks and groundhogs might seem insignificant at first, but if they go unchecked they can lead to more harm.

If a property is seriously infested with chipmunks or groundhogs, they can weaken the building by creating holes at the base, such that it collects rainwater and creates ditches. Over a long time, a weakened foundation results in the total building collapse.

Hence, it is advisable to clear up your surroundings of bushes or piles which could serve as their hideouts. Also, you should check the base of your buildings and the nearby places for holes or traces of burrowing, before more damage gets done.

Finally, you can either set up traps with food baits to catch them and dispose of them, or you may call in the services of your local pest control authorities if the situation requires serious and urgent attention.

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