What is the Size of the Standard Pallet?

what is the size of a standard pallet

With all the new rave on building things with pallets, you may be interested in purchasing some yourself. If not for building things, for moving things. Pallets have been used over several years to easily move goods from point A to B. Let us go over some of the standard sizes of pallets.

The Standard Sizes of Pallets.

The standard sizes of pallets are 48 inches. However, you can stack things on a pallet to hold more goods. The amount of stuff that you can stack high on pallet varies. It all depends on much weight the pallet can hold. This all depends on how durable they are built. Let’s go over some of the different grades of pallets to better answer this question.

What are the Different Grades of Pallets?

There are many different grades of pallets that you can purchase to get the job done. There are four different grades of pallets to be exact. As stated above, the standard pallet is 48×40. Let’s break down the grades.

Grade A or Super Pallets
Grade A or Super Pallets are the most durable pallets that you can think of. They have no damage or cracks on them and have only been used once, or twice if that.

Grade One
Grade Number One is when a pallet has been used very little. They are clean and have a good strong structure. If any damage has been done, it has been repaired or replaced. They are very close to the condition being newly made. They are just a little below the Grade A pallets.

Grade Two
Grade Two pallets are in fairly good shape. A stringer could be damaged. Often times you will see a replacement stringer alongside the broken ones when it comes to Grade Two pallets.The stringer is what bears the weight of the load. This is why it is good to have a fairly good grade of the pallet.

Grade Three
The Grade Three Pallets are in pretty bad condition. They still work fine, but they have been repaired so many times. Some companies may accept a grade three pallet. Some of the sizing and consistency may be out of place due to all the repairs. They are very inexpensive, but it is one of those things that you get what you pay for.

Now that we have some of the basic grades of pallets down, let us go over some of the different kinds of pallets that one can purchase.

The Different Kinds of Pallets.

Did you know that there are more than just one kind of pallets? Well, there are. I want to go over the three different kinds of pallets that you can purchase on the market today.

A Stringer Pallet
A stringer pallet is also called a deck pallet. It has two sides of the solid wood to ensure that the weight is held up. Sometimes the two solid sides can have a notch in them to have a four-way entry to lift the pallet. The ends can be made in a way to have a pallet lift pick them up off the ground.

Block Pallets
Block pallets are considered to be a bit stronger than the traditional stringer pallets. These kinds of pallets can be moved easily by having the four-way pickup. This allows the pallet lift to pick up the pallet from any side. They also have stringers on every side to be able to carry a heavy load. This also makes them more durable, especially during shipping.

Double Bridged Pallets
Some pallets are double bridged. These are so close to a stringer pallet. They just have a little extra space because the wood hangs over the edge.

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What Are Some Common Uses for Pallets?

There are a number of uses for pallets. Let me list a few below for you. These are the reasons that companies use pallets.

  • It is cost effective
  • They are easy to use and easy to move. This allows less money to be spent on moving goods bit by bit. It saves money in the long run.
  • Damages to products are minimalized
  • Space is less used when pallets are stacked. This saves room in warehouses. They call it airspace instead of floor space.

Before You Go

I hope that you were able to find all the information that you needed to know about pallets. They really are a great thing to have to moves goods. I hope now you are able to choose the perfect pallets for whatever you have in mind. You can find more information on this youtube video link.