How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote

How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote
How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote
How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote

The garage door opener remote is very handy. It makes things much easier when pulling up to the garage and opening the door with just a press of the button. A big step about the manual way of opening a garage door. What do you do when you lose a garage door opener remote or one breaks? You replace it, and here is how.

Finding the Right Remote

Have you ever lost a television remote and had to replace it with a universal remote? Well, the garage door opener remote is just as important for access in and out of your garage. The good news is that the garage door opener can be opened with a universal remote. Not the ones for the television though. It will be a universal remote that is used for a garage door opener.

Discount Garage Door (Broken Arrow), which does garage door opener repair in Broken Arrow, notes that just because a remote is universal does not mean that it will work for all garage door openers. Some manufacturers will not be rated for some universal remotes. It is good to check first and ask someone at a local store about the different brands the universal remote is compatible with.

Locating Your Garage Door Opener Remote Information

The best way to ensure that you are getting a proper replacement for a garage door opener remote is to locate the information about the remote. If the remote has worked fine before, and you have access to it, then it is very likely that a newer and working version of that remote will work as well.

Find the model number on the remote, then you can search for a new remote with a model number that matches and the replacement will be on its way.

What If the Remote Is Lost?

Of course, if the remote is lost or misplaced you will not be able to retrieve the model number on the remote. All is not lost though. It may take a little more digging but a remote for the garage door opener can be found by contacting the manufacture of the garage door opener. On all products, there is manufacturer information.

By taking time to call the customer service department for the manufacturer of the garage door opener you can then find information on what remote to replace the lost or broken one with. They should even give you the correct model number for a replacement remote; that way you can find one at other prices that may be more affordable to you.

Sometimes the remote will need to be bought from the manufacturer. However, it will not need to be done right away. If you do not mind shopping, you can find some online at various prices. This also allows you the time to make sure that the remote is not being sold elsewhere for a different price.

Time to Program

Once a replacement remote has been found, then the remote will need to be programmed to your specific garage door opener. These steps are fairly simple and do not require much work. Make sure to follow the setup instructions located in the remote. Universal remotes can become deprogrammed, which makes them useless. So, make sure that a good effort is put forth at getting the remote programmed.

More information on how a remote can be deprogrammed can be found at The Connection.

Get Within Range and Input the Code

In order to program the remote, you will need to be within five feet of the control box. This allows the box to pick up the initial signal of the brand new garage door opener remote. If you are not in close enough range, then the remote will not be able to be programmed to the opener system.

A lot of times all you will need to do is hold down the open button for an allotted amount of time. Most garage door opener manufactures require you to hold the open button down for a good 30 seconds. If this process is rushed through, you will need to wait a moment then hold the button down and count to 30 slowly, then release after a full 30 seconds.

Setup Is Complete

After all the above steps have been taken the new remote to the garage door opener should be ready to use. A simple test can be done by using the remote as you normally would. Simply press the open button and see if the garage door will open. If it does, then you have successfully setup a brand new garage remote. However, if it does not work, try the process once more.

This YouTube video can offer additional information on replacement garage door remotes.

Sometimes other issues could be the cause of the garage door opener not working. A quick inspection can determine other issues. Before purchasing a new remote, try replacing the batteries first.