How to Get Rid of Wasps in Roof Eaves

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Roof Eaves
How to Get Rid of Wasps in Roof Eaves

Wasps can be deadly to some people. Did you know that even one sting to a person with an unknown allergy can cause anaphylaxis, which can result in death? Wasps may be small, but they can pack a powerful punch. There are ways to get rid of them safely, even if their nest in a hard-to-reach place like the eaves of your roof.

First, Examine the House

Before you go and attempt to kill wasps that are in the roof eaves, you will need to know how many there are. It is possible that there may be more than just one cluster of them. If you do have more than one nest along the roof eaves then you will need to locate them. So, take a walk around and see if you can see any more nests. This will tell you where they may decide to fly off to. All of the nests will need to be dealt with to completely remove the wasps from the roof eaves.

How Many Did You Say?

Did you know that if you have a nest with only one wasp, then you can bet that there will be no more? According to Edison Pest Control Pros (, if you do not see more wasps hovering around or on the nest then that is a solitary wasp. This kind of wasp likes to be alone. Now, if there is more than one, that means there could be a large nest. But whether there is one or a ton, they can still be deadly or sting really bad at the least, so they should be taken care of by getting rid of them all together.

You Can Go with a Professional

One way to get rid of wasps in the roof eaves is to call a professional. This is the best way, but does not always work out if you are on a budget. Some people are more independent and would prefer to remove the wasps themselves. That is fine too. However, a professional can remove the wasps in the safest way.

You may not want to wait for the professional to come out, but it is still good to know that you can call someone to handle the undesirable task of removing such dangerous insects.

You Can Go with a Chemical-Free Method

If you choose to remove the wasps from the roof eaves yourself, there is a chemical-free method. You are probably wondering, how in the world will you kill wasps without the use of a chemical? It is possible. The wasp is lured into a trap with a liquid but soon becomes stuck and cannot escape. No chemicals needed.

You can find more information on chemical-free wasp traps at Tipnut.

You Can Use a Chemical Spray

Now, if you do not want to play the waiting game, you certainly can use a chemical spray that kills the wasps immediately. There is a trick to this though. Because the wasp will fly around and try to avoid the poison spray, you may end up being attacked. This is not really a safe way to remove the wasps, but it will definitely kill them if you hit them with the spray.

How About Using What You Have On Hand?

Do you want to get rid of wasps in your roof eaves without using force or a chemical? You can do so with some things you may have on hand right now. You can create a wasp trap that will lock the wasps in when they enter. Below are some things that you can do to make a wasp trap.

How to Make a Wasp Trap

  • Cut the top off a bottle
  • Flip the top upside down and place it back in the bottle
  • Place bait in the bottom of the bottle

That is it. Hang it up near the wasp nest. Do not get too close though. You can use a lot of different things as bait, such as meat or dish soap. When the wasp flies into the hole it does not know how to get back out. It is foolproof.

There are several ideas for wasp traps on Pinterest. You can find examples of this same idea or ones that may be completely different. The ideas are endless, but this one is known to be effective.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

If you know that you have an allergy or are not sure, then the best thing for you to do is avoid the wasp altogether. If you have never been stung by a wasp then you do not know if you have an allergy. Response time to a wasp sting has to be very quick. You may not even feel symptoms at first. Always use safety when trying to remove wasps from roof eaves.

Hopefully, this information will help you decided what route you want to take to remove wasps from your roof eaves. They can be annoying or even frightening but they can be removed with care. Traps are great and so are professionals. The choice is yours! You can check out this YouTube video for more information. Stay safe!