How Fitted Wardrobes Add Value to Your Home
How Fitted Wardrobes Add Value to Your Home

Decisions regarding choosing the perfect wardrobe that will give you the best value for money can be difficult. Personally, I can tell you that battling for space in the bedroom can be a serious issue. You may be worried about getting a wardrobe that will suit your lifestyle while still complementing your interior finishes and design. Are you planning on building a new house or remodeling the current one? I will briefly discuss six out of the several advantages of opting for a fitted/built-in-wardrobe, with the assistance of James Kilner Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms, which makes fitted wardrobes in Sheffield.

Reasons Why Opting for a Fitted Wardrobe Is Always the Best Choice

There are several reasons why I would advise you to go for a built-in-wardrobe over a freestanding one. We shall, however, be discussing only a few for the sake of brevity and time. They are as follows:

Fitted Wardrobes Efficiently Maximize Space

Have you ever wondered what to do with those awkwardly empty spaces within your room? Or you may be using a freestanding wardrobe and you just feel it looks awkward, possibly because it occupies too much space or it occupies too little a space, leaving empty spaces in between walls? Or maybe the one you bought just isn’t perfect in comparison to your room height? All these and many more issues can simply be solved by changing to a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes can maximize and occupy the most awkward spaces, such as your L-shaped corners, fit into alcoves and those normally empty spaces beneath stairs, etc. They are simply good at efficient space usage.

You Can Choose the Right Materials, Finishes and Design That Complement Your Interior

You may have previously bought a freestanding wardrobe you thought was perfect only to discover it doesn’t go well with the design and fixtures of your room. With fitted wardrobes, since you are a part of the design process, you can choose the design and finishes that best suit your room, and also choose the materials to be used for it. You end up having a room and a wardrobe exactly how you’ve always dreamed it should be!

Custom-Tailored Configuration to Fit Your Needs Perfectly

We all don’t have exactly the same tastes and preferences. Some love formal clothes, others prefer casual clothes. With a fitted wardrobe, you can specify what you want the internal configurations to look like so that it will suit your needs perfectly. It may be that you love jewelry a lot and need more drawers than usual, or you may love shoes a lot and need more shoe racks than hangers, and you may possibly want a full length mirror. The list of custom needs is endless. With fitted wardrobes, you can specify and get exactly that which you want.

Perfect, Integrated Lighting All Through the Day

A big disadvantage of freestanding wardrobes is lighting. Most depend on external light for illumination. Just imagine you are almost late for work and you have to search though drawers, shelves and racks in a dimly lit standing wardrobe. How frustrating would that be? With fitted wardrobes , you can even add lighted drawers to automatically come on when the drawers are opened.

Less Stressful, More Efficient Cleaning And Maintenance

A fitted wardrobe is relatively easier to clean and maintain. Don’t you ever get tired of having to climb chairs just to clean the top of your freestanding wardrobe? Are you not fed up with having to squat in order to clean out dust from underneath the freestanding wardrobe? Remember how spiders love building cobwebs in between walls and your freestanding wardrobe? It is not impossible for spiders to enter your fitted wardrobe, but there wouldn’t be unused space which would encourage these spiders, since every part has been customized for a particular use. Also, the stress of having to drag stools to clean the top of the wardrobe won’t be necessary.

It Is a Durable Asset and Financial Investment

Fitted wardrobes provide long-term satisfaction and are good investments. You get to utilize it on a daily basis without any need to worry about spoilage as long as you chose durable materials. Also, it is a good financial investment. In the event that you’re moving out and intend to sell it, did you know that fitted wardrobes actually increase the value of a house? This way, you get great value out of your home and you also get to sell faster, as people love fitted wardrobe houses and they sell at a higher rate than houses without fitted wardrobes.


Certainly, fitted wardrobes add great value to the homes in which they are found. The occupants get to enjoy more than their money’s worth with the added benefit of it being a good investment. If you are planning to build a house or remodel your current one, before you make that vital decision on wardrobes, you should seriously consider the six advantages of fitted wardrobes discussed above. Once again, these are:

  • Fitted Wardrobes Efficiently Maximize Space
  • You Can Choose the Right Materials, Finishes and Design That Complements Your Interior
  • Custom-Tailored Configuration to Fit Your Needs Perfectly
  • Perfect, Integrated Lighting All Through the Day
  • Less Stressful, More Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance
  • It Is a Durable Asset and Financial Investment