How Do You Get a Spare Car Key Made?

How Do You Get a Spare Car Key Made?
How Do You Get a Spare Car Key Made?
How Do You Get a Spare Car Key Made?

We’ve all had those moments where we lose our keys. Some of us have even locked ourselves out of our cars before. In these situations, it would be nice to have an extra key. Whether or not you’ve found yourself in a position where you could use a spare key, it’s a good idea to get one made. Let’s take a look at how this can be done.

Why Might You Want or Need a Spare Car Key?

As mentioned before, you might lose your keys or get locked out of your car. If you’re running late for work and can’t find your usual set of keys, you could use a spare car key kept in your kitchen drawer. You could also keep an extra car key in a bag or wallet in case you get locked out of your car once you’ve left your house.

What Should You Do Before Getting a Spare Key Made?

Before you go somewhere to get a replacement key, you should check your car’s warranty information. New and high-end cars might have a requirement that the key must be replaced by the manufacturer. Additionally, you should look into your car insurance policy. Some companies will cover key replacements, according to WikiHow.

You must have your original car key on you before you get a new one made. Your key must be duplicated, so you need the first one in order to make a copy of it. This can be overlooked in moments of panic, such as when you’re locked out. It’s necessary though.

Where Can You Get a Spare Car Key Made?

Some car keys can be replaced at a hardware store. These are just the basic keys, similar to what you use to unlock your front door. These can also be duplicated by a locksmith in the same way.

Another option is to visit the dealership where you got your car from originally. This isn’t the most cost-effective choice, but it might make sense for you. Wherever you go, make sure it’s a reputable company with honest employees.

How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost?

This can vary greatly. More and more vehicles have new technology added to their keys, which means that the price will increase. This can depend on where you’re living as well, so keep that in mind.

If you’re lucky enough to drive an older car without a lot of technology, you will only have to pay a few dollars. A key duplication is a quick task at a hardware store or at a locksmith.

According to Precision Locksmiths, master locksmiths in Melbourne, keys with chips and other technologies will cost $120 or more. Some car keys end up costing a few hundred dollars. This can seem like a hefty price to pay, but it comes with the territory of owning a newer or fancier vehicle.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Spare Car Key Made?

If you have a basic car key, it shouldn’t take long for the new key to be ready. Some hardware stores have kiosks where a copy can be made in about a minute or two. You can expect the same amount of time for a locksmith or an employee at a hardware store.

If your key has technology, you will typically have to wait a little bit longer. According to YourMechanic, the time it takes can depend on the technology included in your key and how difficult it is to duplicate. In the end, the length of time it takes is worth it. This is especially true since having an extra key can save you tons of time and energy.

Considerations When Getting a Car Key Made

Getting a car key made doesn’t have to be a complicated process. When you do this, make sure you know how many keys you want made. If you have some room in your budget, it’s a good idea to get two spare keys made at once. This can be helpful if you share a car with your partner or a family member.

You should also do your research on the company you’re using. Make sure that you’ve found a good deal. At the same time, look for a trustworthy individual or company. Customer reviews and referrals can be very helpful in this situation.

When it comes to having a replacement key made, you have a couple of options as to where to go. The timing and pricing can depend on the technology in your existing key. It’s totally worth the time and money to make sure you’re covered in case you get locked out.

Most commonly, you’ll visit the car dealership, a hardware store, or a locksmith to get a replacement key made. This is a fairly easy task for them, and you’ll be on your way soon enough.