How Fast Can A Speed Boat Go? (Answered)

how fast can a speed boat go

how fast can a speed boat go

The fastest boats today, duly called the speedboat, can reach speeds our ancestors couldn’t even imagine. There is a lot that comes with these types of boats, so before we touch on their speed let’s look at the different styles and history a little closer.

What are the different types of boats?
Before we can start on speedboats we need to understand boats in general. There are numerous types of boats without motors such as dinghies, kayaks, sailboats, and canoes. While motors boats have even more variety – fishing, center console, and yachts to name a few.

What is the difference between a speedboat, powerboat, and motorboat?
According to Fast Boat Rentals, who offer Miami speed boat rentals in North Miami Beach, motorboats are typically small vessels propelled by a motor, while speedboats are faster versions of this first developed in 1903. In some circles, a powerboat is synonymous with a speedboat, while others believe powerboats are a grade higher than a speedboat.

What about speedboats? Do they come in different types?
Absolutely, for freshwater fishing there are bass boats, for saltwater there are express fishing boats. For more seating space there are cuddy cabins and cruisers – but for maximum speed, you’ll need to look at fuel hydroplanes, which often break speeds of 200 MPH.

What is a brief history of speedboats?

The American Power Boat Association formed in 1903 – with the first race happening in 1904. The history of speed boats is long and fascinating, but the modern form of the speedboat is said to have been invented in 1958 by Ray Hunt after he dominated the America’s Cup competition.

How are speedboats made?
The Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made has a brief walkthrough on how fiberglass boats are created. While boat building is one of the oldest branches of engineering, there is still plenty of time and labor that goes into building modern variants.

What is the fastest speedboat?

The fastest speedboat is called the Spirit of Australia designed by Ken Warby. This boat can reach speeds of up to 317 MPH, and has held that record since 1978. Most notably is that Warby’s boat wasn’t designed in a manufacturing plant – but built in his own backyard.

Over 300 MPH? That seems really fast!
It is – to give some perspective a typical 747 plane has an average speed of just over 600 MPH, making Spirit of Australia about half the speed of it. Most speedboats average around 90 MPH in calm waters, 50 MPH in choppy waters, and stay around 30 MPH in shallow water.

How do speedboats go so fast?
While the motor is the most obvious answer, there is much that goes into the overall design of the ship to make it as efficient as possible. While you may take it for granted, engineer designs like the conical bow provide less water and wind resistance, which increases thrust.

What are something I should look out for when purchasing a boat?

IngmanMarine has a great buying guide when it comes to buying a boat. Many of the different things to look for – such as warranty, new or used, and style – apply to both regular motorboats and speedboats alike.

Is there anything else I should look out for when purchasing a speedboat?
There is plenty of research you should do beforehand, such as looking at engine types, handling, and quality. Most importantly is versatility – the fastest boats are built purely for speed but only have two seats, while others have more features and space but go slower.

What do you think are the best speedboats?
Personally, I believe the popularity of bowriders shouldn’t be underestimated – these boats are some of the least expensive and have the widest range of uses. If you want to take the family out, a cruiser would probably do better because of its abundant space.

Should I go to a boat show?
If you are in the market for a boat, I would recommend going to one of the myriads of shows available. There is typically at least one boat show a month in coastal urban areas – in the US alone there are popular shows in places like New England, Miami, and Southern California.

What are some of the best companies for speedboats?

Because of their long history, speed boats have plenty of different manufacturers. However, the best has to be from MasterCraft – a company that has specialized in small boats since 1968. Next would be NITRO, a speedboat specialist that was founded in 1978.

Is there anything else I should know?
As you can see, there is much more that comes to speedboats than meets the eye – with different styles, makes, manufacturers, and models there is a smorgasbord to look at. I would highly recommend seeing these ships in person.