Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

Can You Paint a Metal Roof
Can You Paint a Metal Roof?
Can You Paint a Metal Roof?

Do you have a metal roof that you think will benefit from a coat of paint? Have you ever wondered if the paint will hold onto the metal? There are a couple of things you should know before you go and purchase paint for your metal roof. Below you will find some tips and some things to do and not do.

Will It Work?

To answer the above question, you can certainly paint a metal roof. You can do this and have it turn out lovely too. However, there are different ways to go about painting your metal roof. Some of those ways can leave you with a big mess and an unsightly roof. Roof Knight (The Gutter Guard Guys), a company specializing in roof restoration and roof painting, has given some tips on things that you should definitely avoid when painting your metal roof.

Things You Should Not Do When Painting Your Metal Roof

As stated above, there are some things that you should certainly not do when painting a metal roof. It is important to follow some of these steps. If you were to accidentally or unknowingly do these things to your metal roof, you may in turn in end with some really unfavorable results.

Some Things to Avoid When Painting Your Metal Roof:

  • Do not skip the sealant: A lot of times you can skip using sealant and your paint job will be just fine. Painting a roof is not one of those instances. When you paint a metal roof and skip out on the sealant the paint on the roof will chip away. You will then be left with paint chips.
  • Do not use paint specified for other materials: Paint that is not specifically made for metal will not hold. You will need a paint that is designed to be used on metal. Most interior paints will not work on a metal surface.
  • Do not purchase paint that is not waterproof: Of course, you know that a metal roof will need waterproof paint, so do not skip out on that step. Do note that just because a paint says that it is waterproof does not mean it will work for a metal roof. So, metal roof waterproof paint is what you will need.
  • Do not apply any way you want: When applying paint to a metal roof, there is more to it than just rolling some paint onto a brush. You will need to apply paint to the roof the correct way. Applying the paint incorrectly can result in runs and all sorts of chipping and other issues.

You can find more information on how to apply paint onto a metal roof at Extreme How-To.

Some Other Things to Remember

There are some more important things to remember when going to paint your metal roof. You want to make sure that it is worth your time and money. If you feel that you would benefit from hiring a professional, then opt for that if your budget allows. It is always better to invest your money where you know you will get the best value.

You Can Hire a Professional

You can always hire a professional to paint your metal roof for you. Of course, this will cost a bit more money than doing it on your own. As stated above, it is always good to invest where you know you will profit. If you feel that a professional would be the way to go, then invest in that. Professionals can also put a warranty on the paint. So, that is always a plus!

Keep Safety in Mind

This, of course, goes without saying. It is important to have a helping hand when doing this job. Even if it is someone just to hold the ladder and know that you are all right. It is very easy to get distracted and slip. There are some things that you can buy to secure yourself when doing this project.

You can find safety equipment for painting your metal roofing at

You Can’t Paint a New Roof

If you just had a metal roof put on your home, it is not good to paint it for at least 6 months. This is great because it gives you time to save up to get all the proper materials and/or invest in a professional. The paint will not hold onto the new metal due to the finish on it. Allowing it to weather lets it get to the point where it is able to be painted.

You can find some more helpful information when watching this YouTube video. Hopefully, all this information helps answer your questions about painting your metal roof.