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June 13, 2021 -

Day: June 13, 2021

How Many Decibels is a Live Band

How Many Decibels is a Live Band?

Whether you are trying to book a band for a venue, or are going to a concert, you may be wondering how noisy a live band can be. In order to understand a band’s apparent loudness, we need to be able to quantify it with a thing called a decibel. What is a decibel, and […]

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What Are Pyrotechnic Cutters

What Are Pyrotechnic Cutters?

Pyrotechnic cutters are devices that have a simple mechanism for action but are important tools used to push the limits of mechanical and technological advancements. Used in a variety of fashions, these cutters are also notable for their remarkable toughness. Networks Electronic Company, a manufacturer of pyrotechnic cutters, has helped explain some of the specifics […]

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